Our Mission

We specialize in creating mission-critical advanced software systems for the Financial Sector: Core Banking, OLTP, Wealth Management, Treasury, Accounting systems and similar.

Our development is based on many years of experience with brokerage and banking systems and stand on our product: general ledger based, EOD-free Financial Engine FEHU.

FEHU engine allows us to build custom reliable and powerful financial systems with great performance and quality, saving your business and money from most of the IT troubles of Financial Sector.

It guarantees precise accounting inside system, proper logging and auditing according to regulatory compliance, high security and scalability for your business.

No confidence in numbers ?

Do reports from different IT systems in your organisation show different numbers, while they expected to be the same? Do money, or other assets, mysteriously appear and disappear in your system? Suffering and losing money and reputation because of unpredictable behavior of your system?

We have a cure  for this. FEHU Financial Engine is  built on Double-Entry bookkeeping principles. ALL asset operations are done with financial transactions (debited and credited). In addition, whole of system states are versioned and logged. All this means confidence for your business.

We can integrate FEHU into your current system and cure it, or create a new Financial Engine-based system for your business. 

System crashes ?

Production system stucks or fails? Problems with business continuity? Unacceptably long EOD period? Huge development and maintenance  costs? Time to check the engine of your system!

FEHU designed to meet toughest Financial Sector industry high availability standards.  It was specially designed for international 24/7 organisations, so it works without EOD-downtime. Also, having FEHU Financial Engine means that every new business product or integration with other system will be implemented on it’s basis. This means great development speed up and cost savings for your business. 

Performance problems ?

Slow Reporting? System can not provide you with the necessary information when you need it? FEHU
Financial Engine is made to provide fast reports for vital indicators and handle your load easily. FEHU Business Core is a scalable solution, so you can run your business on it for many years.